Sum it up already...

Has there ever, in the history of gaming, been a game that was flawless? I find it highly unlikely, and Rome TW is no exception. The one thing Iíve found frustrating so far is that besides the Triarii Iíve started with, I have no spearmen or any way of acquiring them (unless I hire spearmen mercenaries with my family members outside my cities). You must advance fairly far along the tech tree to acquire Triarii, something I believe I would have made available sooner. Iíve managed with what I have without much trouble though. Also on the note of unit availability, the campaign can actually be played with non-Roman factions. The trick is you have to unlock them by wiping them out in a campaign. I find that a welcome challenge and reward, though some will undoubtedly be frustrated with this. Itís looking like the Gauls will be the first unlocked for me. These are real nit-picks, I admit, but to be honest I can't really find anything else about this game that isn't great.

There are so many great features to talk about that Iím sure Iíve left out many. The bottom line here is this: buy this game. Donít think, just do it. It is a strategy masterpiece and I would recommend it to anyone who even remotely enjoys such things. I really cannot say enough about the absolutely masterful production quality of Rome: Total War. Itís evident, when you play this game, that it was over four years in the making. There has been that much attention to detail and to making the game fun, deep, and yet accessible to everyone. I can only imagine what Creative Assembly has up their sleeves next. I do know this though; it would have to be a groundbreaking, fantastic game to meet the standard Rome: Total War has set.

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Onagers with flaming ammo really hurt morale A bonus severed arm thanks camera position... Big point sticks hurt horses....remember.... Run very fast Nothing hurts morale like a sea of charred soldiers...



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