A Study of Telecommuting

I’m lucky enough to regularly work from home. I do get a lot of questions from people when I tell them that, usually along the lines of “How does anyone know that you’re doing any work?” Well, they see the end result I guess. I certainly feel I’m much more productive at home. I often tell my workmates they’re much more disruptive than my 6-year-old son.

I recently read a meta-study from Penn State that finds the benefits for working from home are good for everyone involved, employers and workers alike. From the news article, “We found that telecommuters reported more job satisfaction, less motivation to leave the company, less stress, improved work-family balance, and higher performance ratings by supervisors.” Read more.

Star Trek Awesomeness

Check out the picture in this article from UGO and tell me if you are having trouble fathoming just how freaking cool you find a movie that contains Simon Pegg (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz), Karl Urban (Bourne Supremacy, Chronicles of Riddick), John Cho (White Castles I and II), and (not pictured) Zachary Quinto (24 and Heroes). I know I’m having trouble expressing my feelings. Please excuse me while I change my pants.

Columbus Museum of Art Objects of Wonder

I was off of work today so Kasey and I could attend the Columbus Museum of Art Objects of Wonder exhibit. Objects of Wonder consists of over seven hundred individual pieces from a number of Ohio State University collections, including those from the Orton Geological Museum and the Museum of Biological Diversity, each part of public Ohio State display collections. Many others are from the history of Ohio State, including Archie Griffin’s first Heisman Trophy, glasses Gordon Gee wore, and John Glenn’s flight manual. Also included are ancient pieces of art, from 5500 year-old cuneiform carvings, Roman mosaics, and pressings from 5th century tablets. The exhibit was really a treat for anyone who enjoys art and history, and I suggest it to anyone who would like to see an eclectic collection of pieces from Ohio State Univeristy.


Mart, you never should have told us…

(2:42:23 PM) nickleali: ut
(2:42:29 PM) legider: F**K NO
(2:42:31 PM) nickleali: lol
(2:42:40 PM) nickleali: Just wanted to see if you wanted to do some deathmatch
(2:42:42 PM) nickleali: Calm down. 😉
(2:42:46 PM) legider: lol
(2:42:51 PM) legider: deathmatch?
(2:42:57 PM) nickleali: On UT!
(2:43:03 PM) legider: oh… oh…
(2:43:16 PM) legider: /fling hate

Trolls Do It For The lulz

Kind of an interesting article at NY Times about the terrible art of trolling. Nothing that we didn’t already know, but the interview with an admitted and established troll is an interesting look into a troubled psyche. Read the article here.

By extension, we all know this is just another phenominom of the Internet Fuckwad Theory. Obviously the Internet is a scary place, but it’s kids and the helpless who are hurt by it. We can’t hold people responsible to not be idiots, we just have to be careful about our firewall rules.